Adding a teenage driver to your auto insurance policy can impact cost. Learn how to put your teen behind the wheel safely and affordably.

Anytime You Move, Get A New Auto Insurance Quote

19 November 2017
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We are a nation of people that are always on the move.  In fact, it is estimated that 15% of the population of America relocates or moves each year.  That may not seem like a lot, however, if you do the math, that is over 40 million people. These folks move for a variety of reasons and to different locales which could include changing cities, counties or states. Additionally, when making a location change and moving out of state, there are a number of additional smaller changes that need to take place resulting from that decision to move. Read More …

3 Little-Known Ways To Save Money On Auto Insurance

5 October 2017
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If you drive an automobile, then you may always dread that time of the month when your auto insurance bill arrives. The good news is that you may be paying much more for auto insurance than you have to. Why is this good news? If you start looking into new auto policies today after reading the following little-known ways to save money on auto insurance, you may be able to look forward to a much more affordable auto insurance bill as soon as next month. Read More …

Try For The Best Auto Insurance Rates

30 August 2017
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When it comes time to purchase your auto insurance there are a few things that you really should know. Many individuals try to save a few dollars each month by getting bare bones auto insurance, but that decision can be a bad one. If the insurance that you purchase is sub par you could end up paying for most of the damage yourself. However, with a really good policy you, your car, and the other driver will be protected. Read More …

3 Benefits Of A High-Deductible Health Insurance Plan

1 August 2017
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Shopping for health insurance can be a big hassle. A lot of people are overwhelmed by the whole process and aren't quite sure of the type of policy that they should purchase. For example, you could be comparing high-deductible and low-deductible plans, and you might be unsure of which one is right for you. Even though every situation is different and everyone should look at their own needs when shopping for insurance, the truth is that many people find that a high-deductible plan suits them well. Read More …

What To Do If Your Car Is Recovered After You Have Pocketed The Insurance Claim

26 June 2017
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Some stolen cars are recovered after their owners have been compensated by their car insurance companies. If this happens to you, know that you should handle the situation differently from how you would handle a recovery made before the insurance claim is paid out. Here are some ways of handling the situation: Report the Recovery The first thing you should do is to report the recovery to your auto insurance company. Read More …

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