adding a teen driver to insurance policies

Adding a teenage driver to your auto insurance policy can impact cost. Learn how to put your teen behind the wheel safely and affordably.

What Are Life Insurance Riders And Do You Need Them?

25 January 2016
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If you are currently looking into a life insurance policy and are hoping to customize it to fit your exact needs, you may want to talk to your insurance agent about adding some riders to your policy. A rider is an extra type of coverage you can add to almost any type of insurance policy, and it is designed to give you a certain type of protection that is not covered in the policy you have selected. Read More …

Fun, Little-Known Car Insurance Facts To Know Before You Buy

21 January 2016
 Categories: Insurance, Articles

When it comes to car insurance, not everything is as cut and dry as it seems. For instance, a few tidbits of information could help you save big on your policy. Additionally, making the assumption that your policy covers something in particular when it does not could end up being a costly mistake. Fortunately, there are a few car insurance facts that can assist you if you are seeking to update your policy. Read More …

How To Avoid Colliding With Deer Or Lessen The Seriousness Of A Collision If One Occurs

19 January 2016
 Categories: Insurance, Articles

Vehicle collisions between deer and passenger vehicles are all-too-common in the United States. Annually, it is estimated that there are between one million and two million collisions between vehicles and large wildlife of all kinds, and deer represent close to 90% of the animals involved. While these accidents rarely cause human injury, fatalities do sometimes occur, and accidents often cause significant damage to vehicles in terms of cost. In fact, the average repair bill is close to $2,000 after a vehicle-deer collision. Read More …

Is The Gap In Your Car Loan Insured?

14 January 2016
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If you are getting ready to buy a new car, you have probably already factored the payments into your monthly budget. You may not mind making these payments in exchange for enjoying your new car. But how will you feel if you have to continue to make a payment after your car is stolen or wrecked? This could easily happen if you do not have gap insurance. Understanding what gap insurance is and who it benefits may keep you from making payments on a vehicle you no longer have. Read More …

Three Things You Should Know About Auto Insurance Cancellations

28 December 2015
 Categories: Insurance, Articles

Although uncommon, there are times when an insurance provider will cancel someone's insurance policy. When it happens, the person affected can be left feeling confused and unsure what to do next. Here are three things you should know about auto insurance cancellations to help you avoid or better manage this type of situation should you find yourself in it. Reasons Your Insurance May Be Cancelled There are a couple of reasons why an auto insurance company may cancel your policy. Read More …

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adding a teen driver to insurance policies

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